Poland – country and company profile THOMAS sp. z o.o.

Presentation at General Meeting of IAPA, May 26, 2012

Republic of Poland is a European country located in the center of the continent and borders with Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Its area exceeds 312 thousand square kilometers where lives over 38 million residents.

The Polish currency is PLN (Polish Zloty). The GDP reached in the year 2011 the level of 14 thousand USD per capita (over 20 thousand USD when the purchase power is considered).

One of the most important facts in the history of the country was adoption of the constitution in 1791. It was the second modern constitution in the world (after United States of America) and the first one in Europe.

The economic situation of Poland is one of the best in Europe. This month German press published comparison of the Polish economy and EU-27 countries. In general Poland has got higher GDP growth since 2004, similar unemployment rate and lower much public debt.

Our company, THOMAS sp. z o.o., operates since 1993, i.e. from the beginning of the free economy in Poland. Recently it is a family company owned and managed by Bożena Wiklińska and Tomasz Wikliński. In our practice we use modern tools helping us act according to the ISO 9001:2008 based quality system we developed. Recently we added to the portfolio of our products BAC (Budget Assistant Concept), a system that helps in budgeting and controlling.

Our company provides wide range of services required by entrepreneurs in every day activity – starting from accounting, through staff and payroll service, finance management that slowly becomes our key product, to tax advisory.

During the last year we had an internal discussion how to select people, how to behave in relation to the clients that have got difficult, not to say illegal proposals. We found out that there is something that makes the company either consistent or inconsistent – its values. In the beginning we referred to our strategy developed a couple of years ago and values we formulated that time. We formulated them, but without any deeper meaning, i.e. what it means in practice. One of the values we defined was professionalism. Now we added sample behaviors that show acting according to this value, for example improving professional skills, finding the best way to help the client reach his strategic goals, communicates with him efficiently.

The same operation we made with the other value that were important for us as the company and our clients, and finally visualized them in graphics with the help of a graphic designer we co-operate with.

The entire task required some time and involvement of all people, but now is a great tools that helps us to hire better people, better assess their skills and attitude and what is the most important – even the most difficult decision we need to make, like staff changes, are much better perceived by other people when referred to the core values of the company.