IAPA meeting regarding software programs

On January 14, 2017 a special IAPA meeting in Rotterdam took place. The meeting was voluntary and 7 countries joined the meeting.

During the meeting each attendant gave a presentation regarding the software programs used for billing, accounting, auditing, tax, correspondence and permanent files. The goal was to learn about the software used by the members to get new ideas for the automation for their offices. It was interesting to see that the attendants used software programs of several local and international suppliers.

The process of scanning invoices for automatically bookkeeping is a hot item and most attendants are working with that. The development of programs is going fast so the IAPA-members keep investing to be up to date and to be upfront against their competitors.

The attendants found the meeting valuable as they got knowledge of the practices and developments in other countries and based on this knowledge they can go further with their goal to work efficiently for their clients.

Author: Harry den Hond, Schagen Lensen & van Krieken Accountants, Rotterdam