Antwerp. Belgium.

LVC CONSULT NV is an International Advisors Company.

Our client list consists of Belgian SMC’s with international activities as well as foreign companies with Belgian activities. Among the services provided for our international customers, we offer them the possibility of electing domicile for their headquarters at our offices.

Our personnel consists of university level lawyers and economists with specialisations in tax quote_antwerplaw.

Our aim is to offer our clients a full service package so that we can assist them in the establishment, growth and transfer of their company and particularly at a legal and fiscal level.

But we also work with accountants, auditors, lawyers and notaries in order to offer our clients all services required even if we do not have them available in-house. These colleagues will then work under our authority and under our responsibility. Consequently we insist on a personal and multidisciplinary approach which is aimed at providing our clients with a solution for any problem as quickly as possible.



Luk van Coppenolle

Jan van Rijswijcklaan 228

B-2020 Antwerpen


Tel+ 32 3 244 11 80

Fax+ 32 3 244 11 81


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IAPA. International Association
of Professional Advisers.
25 years IAPA. In Hamburg.


The IAPA: A co-operation for international Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisers, consisting of 16 members in 13 European countries.