Hamburg. Germany.

Somann & Scheller is an authorised Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser firm. We are situated in the centre of Hamburg, North Germany. We serve national and international clients.

quote_hamburgSomann & Scheller is specializing in auditing, international accounting standards and international tax advice. Our clients are medium-sized enterprises acting on their home market and abroad. We are also supporting individuals in their domestic and international tax affairs.

Our primary goal is to back our client’s economic and financial activities and to support their economic growth and wealth. For this task we recur on the expertise of national and international networks:

The IAPA International Association of Professional Advisers is our international network to support clients doing business abroad. NOW AG is a joint venture of German Chartered Accountants situated in various locations in the North of Germany. Special tax advice is delivered by sybo AG with branches all over Germany. And Foreign Investor Services provides companies coming to Germany with all services required.


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Founded in 2001 by seven independent medium-size auditing firms, NOW AG is located in Hamburg and has branch offices in other cities in Northern Germany.

NOW AG performs services such as:

  • Financial audits according to German and International standards
  • Appraisal of Business
  • Due Diligence audits
  • Voluntary and special audits
  • Trustee Services

NOW AG is fully certified according to German auditing standards.


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IAPA. International Association
of Professional Advisers.
25 years IAPA. In Hamburg.


The IAPA: A co-operation for international Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisers, consisting of 16 members in 13 European countries.