History of the IAPA.

2014 25 years IAPA, celebration at the founding member’s city in Hamburg/Germany.
2013 Peter Scheller (President of the IAPA) and Hugo Schauli (Board Member and Head of the IAPA Secretariat) resign. New Board Members: Tomasz Wiklinski (President/PL), Christian Zeller (CH), Tomas Havlik (CZ) and Lennart Nilson (S).
2009 30th annual meeting in Warsaw (PL) with 21 members from 19 countries. Board Members: Hugo Schauli (CH), Peter Scheller (D), Harry den Hond (NL), Tomasz Wiklinski (PL).
2008 Marketing: the decision is made for a new corporate design and a completely renewed website with an IAPA blog.
2006 Board Members: Geoffrey Henry (LUX) Harry den Hond (NL) Hugo Schauli (CH) Peter Scheller (D)
2005 A new IAPA website is designed.
2004 Board Members: Ferdi Hakvoort (NL) Hugo Schauli (CH) Peter Scheller (D)
2002 The IAPA is restructured. Peter Scheller is elected as the new president and the IAPA Secretariat is relocated to Basel, Switzerland.
2000 The IAPA members decide to establish a worldwide database with associated partners from various professional groups.
1997 The IAPA is registered as a ‚Vereniging‘ under dutch law. The articles of the association are adopted.
1996 The first IAPA website goes online.
1992 The first IAPA brochure is printed.
1991 The association chooses the name “International Association of Professional Advisers” (IAPA). The initial rules of the co-operation and a questionnaire for use of the search for new members are drafted. Murray Sweet is elected president, and the Secretariat has its domicile in London. The IAPA has five founding members.
1989 Peter Scheller from Somann & Scheller, Germany and Murray Sweet from P.E.G., England, agree to establish an association and formulate “The Aims of the European Association”.

IAPA. International Association
of Professional Advisers.
25 years IAPA. In Hamburg.


The IAPA: A co-operation for international Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisers, consisting of 16 members in 13 European countries.