New Members

We are looking for new members.

Ever since it was first established, the IAPA has pursued a policy of accepting only one or two members from any country. The meetings which are held at regular intervals are intended to give members the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with every single new member from another country. This is the only way to create the basis of trust required for daily co-operation in international business. new_members_bais_of_trust_280Establishing trust among the partner firms gets more difficult as the size of the organisation increases.

In some countries, the professions of chartered accountants and tax advisers are kept separate from each other for legal or other reasons. In these countries, we look for two members: a company of chartered accountants and a firm of tax advisers.

Our members are firms orientated to medium-sized businesses; they do not belong to any other international organisation. Once a year we get together at our partner meeting in rotation at the sites of the various members. Communication within the group is in English.Drapeaux

We are looking for

  • New members in all of the European countries where we currently do not have any members;
  • Associations of chartered accountants and tax advisers overseas with whom we can co-operate;
  • Associated partners from professional groups such as tax lawyers, lawyers, corporate consultants and other service sectors.

If you want to become a member of the IAPA or to co-operate with the IAPA, please contact our Secretariat.


IAPA. International Association
of Professional Advisers.
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The IAPA: A co-operation for international Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisers, consisting of 16 members in 13 European countries.