Prague. Czech Republic.

CATO is a dynamic company providing accounting services, tax consultations and auditing to enhance the effectiveness and value of our business.


Our goal is to provide customised services that will help you to attain your corporate goals. We will provide you with consultation services that will enable you to keep in touch with fast changes in company management technologies.

We offer a broad range of accounting – classic or internet. Consultation on business legal, financial and tax in cooperation with our partners. For example our partners are also development consultants, environmental consultants or lawyers of intellectual property.

Why you may need cooperation with us or our partners? At least, you need an opinion on legal, tax and accounting affairs from Czech market…


Kancelar CATO,  s r.o.

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Milady Horakove 105

160 00 Prague 6

Czech Republic

Tel    + 420 602 233 521



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IAPA. International Association
of Professional Advisers.
25 years IAPA. In Hamburg.


The IAPA: A co-operation for international Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisers, consisting of 16 members in 13 European countries.