Update on the Swedish General election

As written in an earlier piece, the Swedish General Election took place in autumn of 2014 and there was a change in government. The centre-right government has resigned and is instead replaced by a government lead by Social Democrats together with the Green Party and supported by the Left Party. However they have not the majority in parliament since the Swedish democratic party (right –wing – xenophobic) with 13 % of the votes has a swing position in the parliament. This position was used when they voted for the resigned centre-rights budget alternative for the budget of 2015 which then passed. So for the year 2015 we have a government of Social Democrats and the Green Party who will lead the country on their predecessor’s budget since their own budget was voted down.

The way the budget from the government was voted down is an unprecedented event in Swedish parliament since the usual practice is that you vote for your own budget and not as the Swedish Democrats did vote for another alternative. This act was done as a protest that their views and politics are ignored by the other parties especially when it comes to their priority questions regarding immigration.

The failure to get their own budget approved forced the Prime Minister Stefan Löven of the Swedish Democrats to threaten to call on new elections. The day before new elections would be called however there was an agreement between all parties except for the Swedish Democrats called the “December agreement” which is an gentlemen’s agreement between the parties that the largest party/coalition (government) will get their budget passed. So except for the fact that the new government will have to cope with the opposition’s budget for 2015 they will get their budgets passed for the upcoming 3 years.

The new government’s budget which wasn’t passed indicates however how the country will be run. Higher income tax for those who earn the most, higher cost for employing younger people paid by the companies as social security contributions.

Author: Jesper Lindvall, Revelino Revision AB

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